A series of outdoor projection events in Hackney Wick using local people’s chosen song lyrics, collected during a series of public music events.

As part of the new landscape in the Olympic Park, the Olympic Delivery Authority commissioned a series of permanent art works by local and international artists, to reflect the creative communities that surround the Park and to ensure that art and artists remain a core character of East London after the Games.

Light Up Your Street was a project by artist Lucy Harrison, which aimed to raise awareness and understanding of one of the ODA’s major art commissions: RUN by Monica Bonvicini.

In front of the Handball Plaza facing into the Park, three nine-metre high letters made out of stainless steel and mirrored glass spell the word RUN, and reflect their surroundings during the day.  As dusk settles in, the letters light up with an internal LEDs, creating a landmark for all who pass through it.

Despite the natural connections between the word ‘run’ and the Olympic Park, Monica was actually inspired by song lyrics and old rock classics. In 2000 Monica had a solo show titled “RUN, Take One Square or Two” which was also the title of a multi channel video installation which featured the instrumental part of  “Run Run Run” by Lou Reed and “Running Dry” by Neil Young.  Lucy’s response to RUN has led her to work with a variety of different community groups and individuals over the summer, taking Monica’s musical inspiration outside of the Olympic Park, and collecting people’s favourite song lyrics to be projected large on walls in Hackney Wick.



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