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Lightboxes and Lettering

Rendezvous Projects CIC have been awarded £58,200 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for a new project ‘Lightboxes …

Audio , Collaboration , Exhibitions , Oral History , Participation , Print , Publishing 2018

Self Build

A project exploring self-built shacks and shelters across Waltham Forest, including the innovative use of found …

Collaboration , Exhibitions , Moving Image , Oral History , Participation , Print , Publishing 2017

Social Cement, Tate Modern Community Room

Lucy Harrison took up the first artist’s residency in the new Community Room in the Tate Modern Switch House. …

Collaboration , Commissions , Participation , Residencies 2017

Sheen Lane Centre, Mortlake

Exploring memories of Hampton Square, the housing that was once on the site of the Sheen Lane Centre, and of the Watneys …

Commissions , Oral History , Participation , Print 2017

The Works

Exploring work, industry and routine in Cambridge CB1 during 2015 and 2016.

A project exploring the changing nature …

Commissions , Participation , Print , Publishing 2016

Artist in residence, Hackney Museum

Lucy Harrison was the 2016 Artist in Residence for the duration of ‘The Art of War’; the WW1 Recruitment Poster …

Commissions , Exhibitions , Participation , Print , Residencies 2016

A Club Collection

A Club Collection was a project commissioned by the London Legacy Development Corporation to celebrate the …

Collaboration , Commissions , Participation , Print , Publishing 2013

The Feelgood Collection

A collection of homages to Dr Feelgood as part of Thames Delta, Focal Point Gallery, Southend.


As part of …

Exhibitions , Music , Participation , Print 2012