The Rendezvous Club

The Rendezvous Club meets intermittently since the end of the 'Canvey Guides' project. If you would like to organise a more regular walking club please email Lucy Harrison.

The Rendezvous Walking Club was initiated by artist Lucy Harrison in 2006 as part of the Canvey Guides project. It is named after a social club which was on Waalwyk Drive, Canvey Island, and which was burnt down in the 1930s. The club aims to bring people from Canvey and elsewhere together once a month for walks and conversation on Canvey Heights. It is hoped that the meetings will instigate conversation amongst participants as they enjoy the views over Canvey and the surrounding area. The Club has no membership restrictions and meets on the first Sunday of every month, at 2pm at the gates of Canvey Heights. The membership card (above) was designed by Lucy Harrison and is based on the card for the Corner Club on Canvey High Street.

Lucy Harrison hosted the first 4 walks and provided maps, itineraries and other material for walkers. After the culmination of Lucy's project at the end of March 2007, the club has continued and it is hoped that more conversations and friendships will take place in the future.


December 2006 walk: Nostalgia

January 2007 walk: Private Property

February 2007 walk: Rumour

March 2007 walk: Romance

March 31st Launch (took the place of the April walk)

May 2007 walk: Carnival (led by Janet Penn & Sheila Penn)

June 2007 walk: The Concrete Barge (led by Dave Bullock & Andrew Jackson)

July 2007 walk: Embarrassing Moments (via the Settlement) led by Graham Stevens

August 2007 walk: Samphire & Sea Lavender (led by Derek & Valerie Lynch)

September 2007 walk: The Seafront (led by Lucy)

October 2007 walk: led by Margaret Payne

No photos from the November 2007 walk

December 2007: First Anniversary walk

January 2008

February 2008: Sea Wall

March 2008

April walk cancelled due to bad weather

May 2008: The route of Hester's monorail

June 2008

July 2008: Finding locations of Paul Smyth's paintings

No photos from August-November 2008

December 2008: 2nd Anniversary

January 2009: New Year walk

February 2009

April 2009

Anyone is welcome to join the Rendezvous Club, they should simply come along at the stated times.
Walks will usually last about an hour. In the case of bad weather, the club may retire to a nearby hostelry.