Mainly through residential areas with a range of information provided by local residents


A look inside Franks's shop '2nd Hand Rose'
'The Settlement' by Graham Stevens
'Leigh Beck School' by David Offley
'Whittier Hall' by Doris Flaherty
The 'OK Coral' by Steve Bullock
'Captain Birdseye' by David Cain

DOWNLOAD WALK TWO from town to Canvey Heights (20.7MB)

DOWNLOAD WALK TWO back to town (14.3MB)


SMALL PRINT: Of course, the makers of this audio guide, or the contributors, cannot be held responsible for any difficulties you get into while using this audio guide to walk around Canvey. Please listen to the introduction which includes important information. You should as always be careful of traffic and leave with enough time to return before dark. Most of the walks go along pathways but at times (especially walks 2 and 3) they may go along more uneven surfaces and may sometimes be muddy. Wear appropriate footwear for walking. Please note that there are currently no toilets or other facilities at Canvey Heights, so ensure you make sensible stops along the way. In other words, use your common sense and take all usual precautions for a day's walking. Although we have made these audio recordings available for free, the copyright stays with Lucy Harrison and the contributors and any requests for broadcast, duplication or other use should kindly be made to Lucy Harrison. Enjoy!