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Not a Split Second

A1 fold out poster for the project Not a Split Second; Remembering the Docklands Bomb, a collaboration with … …

Collaboration Exhibitions 2017

Busy Lea Bridge was once a Lonely Road

Newspaper produced as part of the project Lea Bridge Links, exploring the Lea Bridge area in the past and the … …

Newspapers Print Publishing Rendezvous Press 2016

I Didn’t Make the War for One Thing

Fold out poster / booklet made as part of a residency at Hackney Museum and Archives during the Art of War recruitment … …

Commissions Print Publishing Residencies 2016

The Works

Published as part of ‘The Works’ commission in Cambridge, 2016. Includes archive images from Cambridge University Press, … …

Commissions Participation Print Publishing 2016

Good Company

Rediscovering Ilford Town Centre


A guidebook produced as part of the 2014 project Good … …

Commissions Print Publishing Walking 2014

Home on High

Published as part of the project ‘Home on High’ on the Brownfield Estate in September 2014. Includes interviews with … …

Collaboration Commissions Publishing Rendezvous Press 2014


WE: The Ex-Warner Estate in Waltham Forest


80 page full colour book published as part of the collaborative … …

Collaboration Print Publishing Rendezvous Press 2014

Carnaby Echoes

Book from the 2013 project Carnaby Echoes, which investigated the musical history of the Carnaby Estate in London. The … …

Audio Commissions Exhibitions Moving Image Music Print 2013